Micro Generation

Micro Generation

Town of Cardston Distribution System Distributed Generation Connection Process

If you are considering installing an electric generator less than 1MW (Micro-generator) in size at your residence or business site, there is an established process in Alberta to help you.   As your local electric distributor, the Town of Cardston plays a key role in the connection of small generation to the provincial electric grid.  This document captures the general steps in the connection process from application to energization.  

Process Steps:

  1. Complete the Town of Cardston Distributed Generation Application form and submit it with all supporting documentation to info@cardston.ca.

  2. Discussions may be required with the Applicant to establish the technical connection requirements.

  3. The Town will confirm the completeness of the Application information and approve applications that are in compliance with the Micro-Generation Regulation if applicable.

  4. The Town will determine if the Applicant would be responsible for any connection costs* and discuss these with the Applicant.

  5. Applicant seeks Building, Electrical and Development Permits as required by the Town.

  6. Applicant compensates Town for non-standard costs and if the generator is likely to export a significant amount of energy to the Cardston Distribution system would sign a Town of Cardston Generation Interconnection Agreement.

  7. Applicant notifies Retailer of pending generation connection.

  8. Town conducts inspections for approval of required permits.

  9. Town installs metering equipment and completes connection.

Resource documents:     

*The Micro Generation Regulation states that extra-ordinary costs may occur for safety considerations, technical complexity or any other reason and may be recovered from the Applicant.  Connection costs for non Micro-generation projects will vary.