Bellevue Underground Mine

The Bellevue Underground Mine is the only AUTHENTIC HISTORIC UNDERGROUND COAL MINE TOUR available to Western Canada.

The Mine is a Museum based, family oriented, Historic Underground Coal Mining Museum tour site that offers it's visitors the opportunity to experience, first hand, what the Underground Miners from the first half of the 20th century would have experienced as they entered the Tunnels of the Bellevue Underground Mine to go to work to each day.                           

Experience the sights and sounds of the atmosphere around you as you walk 300 meters (1000 feet) into the exact tunnels that those early miners walked into over 100 years ago.

With our Official Historic Interpretive Guides, visitors will don hard hats, cap-lights and ponchos, (Dress warm for the Mine - it's cold in the tunnel) as you take part in our walk-in Guided tour that offers knowledgeable information about the Geology, history and events of the Bellevue Mine. Learn about the trials and tribulations that the company encountered as the Mine was developed and upgraded,  and hear interesting and interactive stories about the men who worked, lived and died in the Mine over the years.