Council Letter to Citizens

 Dear Citizens of Cardston,

We are continuing to enjoy the great spring weather. Both the golfers and the gardeners are getting an early start. I have been pleased to see quite a renewed interest in gardening in the community this year. There are a few garden plots available for rent at the community garden by the sewage treatment plant and recycling building. Please contact me if you would like to rent a 12’ X 20’ plot. The cost is fairly nominal. 

This is also the time when we think about spring cleanup. Be sure to contact the Town or register on the Town website if you would like them to pick up any extra items that are not collected by the regular garbage collector. Speaking of garbage, we sent Councillor Peavoy to a recycling conference in Lethbridge recently and he reported back to council. The short version of what we learned is that we are all going to have to get serious about recycling and composting because of limitations and restrictions on landfills. If we cannot voluntarily reduce waste significantly then we will be obligated to do it.

The audit of Town financial statements was just completed and the town is in a good financial position. (See financial indicator graphs on the Town website)

We would like to:

Welcome Mike  the new lineman to the Town electrical department;
Thank the public works  for the asphalt chip coat at the Lion’s park, campground and reunion centre;
Congratulate the Rotary Club on receiving a grant for a new playground at the Lion’s Park;
Wish the Community theatre well on their production of “The Little Mermaid”;
Thank Cory McCarthy and Kym Peavoy for recording and reporting the Council meetings;
Thank Foothills Veterinary clinic for giving the town a little humour.

The Town is still looking for nominations for Citizen of the year, Lifetime Citizen of the year and Youth Citizen if the year. If you know any deserving persons, please nominate them.

Councillor Creed (Deputy Mayor)