Citizen of the Year Announcements

We are very pleased to announce the recipients of this year's Citizen of the Year Award and the Lifetime Citizen Achievement Award.


Citizen of the Year Award

Paula Brown is a very busy  volunteer for the residents of Cardston. Her contributions to the Swimming Club and the Soccer Club help hundreds of kids each year. She engages in organizing club schedules, coaching, training, grant writing, fundraising, and registering participants. Her efforts help promote healthy and active living in our community. We encourage other residents to participating in these and other similar worthwhile endeavours to help our residents maintain their health and active lifestyles. 

Over the past two years, Paula and the Swim Club have engaged in a lot of fundraising efforts to get the new swimming pool and waterslides up and running. Her efforts for our community are very much appreciated and we are very pleased to be able to recognize Paula with the Citizen of the Year Award.

Lifetime Citizen Achievement Award

Alonna Leavitt has managed the Carriage House Theatre for years, exciting and encouraging actors both young and old to follow their dreams, to be courageous, and to develop their talents. The Carriage House Theatre is one of the many gems of Cardston, that brings tourism and recognition to our town.

This past year she led the charge to bring the theatre into the 21st century by installing a digital projection system. This effort brought the whole town together to fundraise for the theatre, finishing the fundraising in record time.

Alonna cares for the people in Cardston. She brings people who need a home into the theatre, fosters their talents. Many who spend their days inside the theatre's walls count her as a second mother. For her years of dedicated and personal service, we are very pleased to recognize Alonna with the Lifetime Citizen Achievement Award.