Municipal Elections

Official Election Results

Updated 10:25pm October 16th, 2017 to include advance vote ballot counts.


  • Maggie Kronen (by acclimation)


  • Dennis Barnes: 641 (elected)
  • Richard Bengry: 544 (elected)
  • Paula Brown: 872 (elected)
  • Tim Court: 750 (elected)
  • Peter Drew: 796 (elected)
  • Bill Peavoy: 313
  • Gerry Selk: 819 (elected)
  • Lloyd Stewart: 409

Elections for the offices of Mayor and Council in Cardston will be held this fall. Please refer to the following resources for voter information or if you are interested in become a prospective candidate:

Important Dates

Information for Prospective Candidates

If you are a Prospective Candidate looking for information about running for local office, please refer to the following:


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Legislation and Regulations

Additional Information