Voluntary Bicycle Registration

Fill out the registration form below for each bike you wish to register with the town. In the event that the Town recovers your bicycle, or it is reported as found, then you will be notified, and we will be able to return your bike to you.

Bicycle Registration Form

Fill out one form for each bike you own if you wish to register multiple bikes. 

Name *
Indicate what type a bike you have: a road bike, mountain bike, kids bike, BMX, Cruiser, Fat bike, etc.
The serial number is typically stamped onto the bottom of the bottom bracket or on the down tube of the bicycle frame. Turn your bike over and inspect the frame for the serial number.
Please indicate the make or brand of your bicycle if it is known. This is typically indicated on the down-tube of the bike frame. (example: Schwinn, Supercycle, Huffy, Kona, Trek, etc.)
Please indicate the model of you bicycle if it is known. This is typically indicated on the top tube of the bike frame. (example: Rockhopper, Stumjumper, Dirt Master, 6800, etc.)
Most bikes have 26" inch wheels, but kids bikes typically have 24", 20" or smaller. Road bikes have 700c wheels. The size of your wheel is typically indicated on the side of your tire.