Animal Care and Control

Leash Laws:

All animals in the Town of Cardston are required to be on a leash or similar device (excluding electronic leashes), any time the animal is off the property of the owner. Any animal not on a leash is considered to be running at large and the owner or person in care and control of the animal could be prosecuted. 

Stray Animals and Lost Pets:

If you notice a stray animal in your neighbourhood you can do any of the following to ensure the animal is taken to a safe location;

  • Large or unsafe animals should always be handled by a professional. Should you notice a stray animal you should call Municipal Enforcement as soon as possible. 

If your dog or cat has been captured or impounded by Cardston Municipal Enforcement it will be taken immediately and held at the Cardston Pound. Therefore if you have lost your pet, you should immediately contact Municipal Enforcement. When attempting to claim an animal you will be asked to first attend the Town of Cardston at 67 3 Avenue West to complete a claim form and pay any applicable fees relating to the impounding and boarding of the animal.

Animals in Distress and Animal Cruelty:

The Community Peace Officer will investigate all claims of animal cruelty or complaints of animals in distress. Should you have any concerns relating to the distress of any animal, please contact us immediately. 

For more information on cruelty to animals, please visit Alberta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Alberta SPCA) website.